Media Tools for Community Development

Year: 2013
Country: Philippines
Project Investment: $2,000.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch: 8-16-13

Students at Bicol University in Legazpi wish to improve their communities through media communication such as radio, print, and cybernetics. Since the Philippines are highly susceptible to typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters, the BU students want to use media to educate their communities about disaster preparedness and awareness. However, BU lacks the quality media tools necessary to accomplish this goal. With the purchase of new media equipment, students will be able to put into practice all they’ve learned during their journalism classes with a disaster preparedness campaign, making them more competitive applicants for jobs post graduation.


Project Update:

The students and teachers participated in a 2-day seminar where they learned how to use the computers and various software, as well as completed mini project. The teachers and students are currently working with the Mayor of Legazpi and are in the process of reaching out to barangays to set up presentations about disaster preparedness using their new media tools.



"The project will affect the women and children through the produced documentaries and videos we communication students make because we make videos that promote public awareness and tackles modern societal issues, thus hoping to promote equality in our society, reducing the abuses done to women and most especially the children. We hope to open the eyes of the society to these issues." – Kenneth, Project Participant
"This is truly a blessing to us because as communication students, it is our role to inform the public about what is happening in the community. Through these computers, we can now make more quality outputs. We will make more news articles, short films, and documentaries about climate change, which will be beneficial to public awareness… Through these computers, it will be our weapon in educating everyone for a more informed and prepared community!" – Elane, Project Participant