Siquijor-Negros Oriental Mobile Education Training (SNOMET)

Year: 2012
Country: Philippines
Project Investment: $2,144.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch:

In May 2012, 31 Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Region VII, Philippines, working in partnership with the Philippine Ministry of Education and World Connect, will be gathering 1,500+ elementary and secondary school teachers for a nine-day teacher training. The goal of SNOMET is to provide individualized training to a large number of teachers, strengthening their capacity to adopt new teaching methodologies and incorporate the methodologies into their lesson plans. Success will be measured by three post-SNOMET assessments of the teachers and their work in their home communities. This project has the potential to benefit the entire school age population in a region of more than 4 million people.


Project Update:

The SNOMET trainings were productive and informative. There were 19 different sessions on teaching methodologies held, with more than 2,000 teachers choosing between three seminars each day. In addition, 70 principals and 30 Department of Education officials attended a second training, where they developed monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure that their teachers were successfully implementing the new teaching methodologies. They also received training in how to pitch to funders to ensure that their teachers have access to educational resources. This was a critical component of sustainability for the project, ensuring that school heads are able to properly support the newly trained teachers.



“I love all the topics in this seminar but the most important topic is the project design because it helps me. It opens my mind on the strategies and skills in creating the school improvement plan of the school I’m working with.” – Principal Head, Project Participant
“The SNOMET training was great! There was never a boring moment with the awesome facilitators and all the participants went back to their stations equipped to face new challenges in educating kids of the new millennium.” – Antioneta, Project Leader
“SNOMET was relevant to my everyday teaching because through these methodologies, pupils will be responsive and wiling to learn more about the subject taught.” – Elementary School Teacher, Project Participant

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