Transforming Sigau Healthcare Centre (Creating Space for Families)

Year: 2021
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $10,000.00

Project Launch: 11-16-21

Transforming Sigau Healthcare Centre (Creating Space for Families) is a project taking place in Lere Community.  Lere community is a rural community located in the outskirts of Southern Kaduna. It is under the jurisdiction of Lere Local Government Area, Kaduna and has an estimate of 12,000 residents and 7000 households. SHIFT Nigeria, in partnership with the community aims to renovate and refurbish the healthcare centre. Renovating and refurbishing the healthcare centre will increase access to and create space for standard healthcare in Lere community, improve the livelihoods of inhabitants and empower the community to prioritze their health.

The activities that will be undertaken in the proposed project are:

1. Conducting infrastructural upgrades in the 1 of 3 healthcare facilities
2. Ensuring the health facilities are conducive for catering to the healthcare needs in the community
3. Providing the healthcare centres with required basic medications, medical kits and equipment

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