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One of the five Andean countries of South America, Ecuador is made up of a diverse population of indigenous communities, mestizo or those of mixed Spanish origin, the descendants of African slaves, and mixes of these groups.

Now-Ecuadorian territories were home to a variety of indigenous groups prior to being conquered by the Inca Empire in the 15th century. In the 16th century, the region was colonized by the Spanish Empire, achieving independence in 1820 as part of Gran Colombia and then becoming the sovereign state of Ecuador in 1830.

Ecuador is diverse environmentally, culturally, and linguistically. Currently, there are approximately 23 different languages spoken throughout Ecuador, 13 of which are officially recognized, and home to 14 distinct indigenous peoples. Ecuador’s diverse landscape encompasses the Galápagos Islands, the Ecuadorian coastal region, the Andean highlands and the Amazon jungle.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) of Ecuador, in June 2023 27 out of every 100 Ecuadorians were living in poverty. In the rural sector, 46 out of 100 people live in poverty. Approximately 35% of the population has "non-appropriate", part-time or unpaid jobs, resulting in many households not receiving minimum wage and full social benefits.

Current challenges include inequality, underserved rural populations and growing rates of crime and violence. The Ecuadorian economy’s difficulties include insufficient private investment, corruption in the public sector, poor management of its oil exploitation and the recent climatic disasters.

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