United States
Total Projects: 15
Project Spending: $18,454

World Connect links local leaders with community-based organizations to address common goals, communities with investments to achieve these goals, and Americans with the world to embrace shared experience and celebrate difference.

With this (particularly urgent) third goal in mind, World Connect has launched our first domestic grant opportunity. We aim to empower resourceful, creative, and globally-minded Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to crack hardening isolationist impulses and build connections between American communities and the world. We believe these connections have the potential to slowly turn distrust into empathy and promote our international development philosophy.  

Through this program, we hope to empower Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to lead and to inspire communities, as they were inspired by local leaders. This is a pilot program and as we continue to widen our partner network internationally, we also hope to open this opportunity to those outside our RPCV network in the U.S.


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